Let’s Talk Indoor Climate…

Too Hot?, Too Cold?, Pensacola Air Repair can repair or install a new system that will create the perfect environment for your home.  Controlling heating, cooling, air quality, airflow, and humidity should be as simple as the touch of your fingertip.  We want to create the perfect climate for your home. This will ultimately save you money and keep you and your family comfortable.

Typical HVAC System

A. Air Conditioning systems include variable-speed models that startup at a low speed (this makes a quiet system). The variable speed fan runs slower enabling the unit to circulate air better and removes the extra humidity year-round.

B. Air Cleaner filters outdoor pollutants so you can breathe easier.

C. Customizable set-back thermostat allows you to save energy and control temperatures.

D. & E. Furnaces can be powered by two different sources. The diagram represents both Gas and Electric Heat Pumps are discussed below.  Electric furnaces take electricity and convert it through heat strips into actual heat. This is not the most energy-efficient way to heat. Gas Furnaces have three types. Single Stage Furnaces indicate the gas flame is on or off; therefore, the furnace will wait for the temperature in the house to get cold (usually uncomfortable cold) before firing on. Single Stage Furnaces are the most inexpensive, but the most wasteful in terms of energy savings. Dual Stage Furnaces are a smarter furnace. The two flame system allows for the flame to be on On/Low or On/High. Dual Stage Furnaces are much quieter and save a considerable amount of energy compared to the single stage. This is the middle-range priced furnace. Modulating Furnaces adjust their flames incrementally so that the true temperature never varies more than 1 or 2 degrees from the thermostat’s target temp. Modulating gas furnaces are the most energy-efficient furnaces and are rated at 98% efficiency.

F. Evaporator insures the Furnace and A/C are performing to maximum efficiency.

G. UV Lights help prevent the growth of microbes.

Heat Pumps

The Most Efficient Choice for your Heating and Cooling

An electric heat pump is a single unit that heats and cools your home.

If it cools and heats, why is it called a heat pump?


The heat pump moves heat in the summer from the inside to the outside. In winter, it moves heat from the air outside to inside your home.

This is done using the refrigerant that is pumped by the compressor through the indoor and outdoor coils.  Heat Pumps, like a refrigerator, are built tough and made to last.

Heat Pumps are designed to run all year long to heat and cool your home with maximum efficiency.